Aqua Medic Qube 50 and Controller

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A high powered spotlight for salt water aquariums and the matching controller. The sleek design of the Qube 50 is perfect for nano-aquariums as well as illuminating dark sections in larger aquariums.


  • Qube 50
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Product Information

The Qube 50 LED has a unique style in that the compact cubed head is approximately only 80x80x65mm, yet gives off a highly sufficient amount of light which is distributed to every area of the aquarium. It is supported by an equally unique design of a goose neck arm mount. Under the hood 50 watts of maximum power LED's are spread across five different colours.

Key Features Qube 50:

  • LED Cluster chip consisting of 24 individual LED elements with balanced light spectrum.
  • High energy density specially designed for strong coral growth
  • Colour and light intensity are adjustable manually via 2 channels.
  • Integrated 0 - 10 V connection for using external controllers.
  • The compact design allows for an ideal illumination of nano aquaria as well as dark edge areas in larger aquaria.
  • Silent-running internal fan for reliable cooling of high-power LED chips.
  • A flexible goose neck ensures a firm hold and easy alignment, a wire suspension system for mounting on the ceiling is included.
  • Low energy

Key Features Controller:

  • Six independently programmable / dimmable channels, e. g. for sunrise, sunset and moonlight
  • Optional Y-cable is available meaning several aquarius lights can be controlled simultaneously
  • Programming is done via the aquarius control timer interface. It's not necessary to connect it to the computer
  • Power (24 V low voltage) is supplied via the aquarius connection on the light fixture itself, no additional power supply is required
  • Dimensions approx - 110 x 60 x 25 mm
  • Cable length: app. 1,800 mm
  • Can control up to 6 light units

Product Lumens Dimensions Channels Number of Light Colours Wattage
Qube 50 1364lm 80 x 80 x 65 mm 2 5 50w

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