Aqua One AquaVue Carbon & Ceramic Media

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Replacement media for the Aqua One AquaVue Aqaurium, for the 380, 480 and 580 models.


  • Cartridge Pack - Carbon & Ceramic for AquaVue 380
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  • Cartridge Pack - Carbon & Ceramic for AquaVue 480
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  • Cartridge Pack - Carbon & Ceramic AquaVue 580
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Product Information

This combined pack provides you with carbon and ceramic media for your AquaVue aquarium, and should ideally be placed every 6 - 8 weeks. This carbon cartridge is packed full of carbon media, which is designed to remove harmful toxins and unwanted odours from the water, whilst the ceramic media provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive, ensuring you are getting the best out of your filter.

As with any filter, it is recommended that you change any media in stages, never replace all the components at the same time.

This is best when used with the Aqua One AquaVue Wool Pads as well, for optimum filtration.

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