Aqua One Betta Sanctuary

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  • Compact 10l aquarium suitable for beginners that creates a stunning daylight and moonlight display
  • Includes 2-year guarantee, energy-efficient LED lighting, filter and heating
  • Ideal for Betta fish, Shrimp and Tetras


  • Betta Sanctuary 10l Black
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  • Betta Sanctuary 10l White
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Product Information

What is the Aqua One Betta Aquarium?

The Aqua One Betta Sanctuary is a stylish and modern aquarium that is perfect for beginners. Compact in size, it has a sleek, glass design and holds up to 10l of water. Suitable for housing Betta and Shrimp, this fish tank includes everything you need for a nano set-up; a compact filter for biological filtration, heating and energy-efficient lighting with white and blue LEDs.

What comes with the Aqua One Betta Aquarium?

Everything electrical you need to create an ideal home for small fish is included in the Betta Sanctuary Aquarium. The aquarium is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, which uses white and blue LEDs to produce a fantastic daylight and moonlight display. This fish tank has an integrated compact filter that provides both mechanical and biological filtration which keeps the aquarium clean and healthy for the fish. In addition, it comes complete with an easy to use pre-set heater. Together with the preset heater to keep the water at the right temperature, it will ensure the best conditions to keep your Betta healthy and happy. In a black and white colour, the Betta Sanctuary is all ready to set up, just add decor and substrate.

What fish can be kept in this aquarium?

This small aquarium is designed to hold small fish such as Betta and Shrimp. It could also make a suitable home for a spectacular planted aquarium.

How do I keep the water in my fish tank clear?

The Betta Sanctuary has been designed with a light removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning. We recommend testing water parameters including pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Using quality test kits will allow you to easily and accurately monitor your water quality. The filter that comes supplied will do the main bulk of keeping your water clean and healthy for the fish. As well as this, a weekly or fortnightly 25% water change will help keep the water in your tank looking clean and clear plus maintain water quality. A small gravel cleaner will help with the water changes and a small algae magnet will make it super easy to clean the glass.


Dimensions W:22.4 x D:22.4 x H:26.3cm
Material Glass
Aquarium capacity 10l
Lighting 5W
Filtration Internal back filter
Flow rate 100lph
Voltage 220-240V
Heating Preset heater
Colour Black
Matching cabinet No

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