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Aqua One Betta Trio Glass Aquarium

Three aquariums in one

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At a glance...
  • A three tank freshwater aquarium
  • Includes lighting, external filter and heating
  • 32l aquarium, ideal for small aquascapes and fish
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Betta Aquariums are often offered as very small spaces, with around 8l or so available in a usual tank. The problem with this size, is that it is very hard to control your water quality in such a small capacity of water, even with just a small Betta fish in it! This Betta Trio tank allows you to have a stunning display for up to three fish, whilst all running of the same filtration system, so the volume is actually 32l in total, which is much easier to keep in a stable condition.

This features a complete back multi stage filter, so it is out of sight and provides optimum space for the fish themselves to show off. The included 55w heater can be neatly stored here too, meaning it too is out of the way, and providing even heat across the aquariums.

These aren't just for Betta though, but would also suit as a small shrimp enclosure. The overhead LED lighting unit ensures a great view of your fish, vital in showing off the stunning colours of Betta available. Why not consider doing a completely different design in each section, one dark gravel, one pale sand - the choice really is yours!

The Betta Trio features a glass plate lid that goes across all three sections, providing optimum protection for your fish, and the separating walls between each are black out to ensure minimum stress to the fish, so they can't see each other. This can be placed perfectly on the Inspire 60 Cabinet, available in Nappa Oak or Grey Arizona Oak, giving a great finish, and providing a great place for storage as well!

Key Features

  • Fully integrated and highly efficient back filter houses the heater and circulation pump for a tidy finish
  • Three separate sections, complete with black out dividers.
  • Complete with LED light and heater
  • Tank measures 55cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Optional Inspire 60 Cabinet measures 60cm x 40cm x 75cm
  • 32l Tank Volume
  • 55w Aqua One Glass Heater included
  • 4mm glass
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