Aqua One BioNood Ceramic Noodle

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BioNood Ceramic Noodles from Aqua One is just part of their loose filter media range, where you can use as much or as little media as you need, to suit any brand or type of filter.


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Product Information

BioNood is a highly porous ceramic noodle that provides the idea condition for beneficial bacteria to colonise and breed on, meaning your water quality is kept as its' best when they convert harmful ammonia to nitrates.

The loose tub means that you can use as much or as little as you need, and it can be used with all types of filter, of any brand, as you just fill the included media bag to suit the shape and size of the filter chamber you have.This means you can just take out and fill the bag, close it up, and install in your filter, and replace as needed, though they should really be used as a permanent form of filter media, they require very little maintenance and have a very long life.

This BioNood is a form of biological filtration, and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater use.

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