Aqua One Ecopscape Trees

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The Ecoscape Trees from Aqua One offer a fresh look to your aquarium decor, with a miniture tree, rather than just a plant like normal.


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Product Information

Like any plastic or silk plants, these Ecoscape Trees are ideal in that they can be easily cleaned to keep them looking fresh, don't require any specific lighting or water additives, and can be moved and relocated as needed, with no mess or fuss.

Available in a choice of designs, these Trees are 24cm in height, and come with a lightweight base for easy burying into your substrate to anchor in place.

  • Umbrella Pine Tree features spiky dark to light green folliage
  • Red Fan Palm has delicate fan spread in a red to pink colouring
  • Pollicem Ranae has tiny and intricate light green buds
  • Purple Catspaw has bushy green to purple leaves

This can be used alongside more plastic decor, or with a mixture of live plants or silk plants, giving a great depth and variety of texture to your aquarium.

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