Aqua One Filter Air Sponge Filter

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The Aqua One Filter Air Sponger Filter is ideal for breeding set ups, or temporary tanks, giving you a simple and easy filtration system.


  • Filter Air 30 Sponge Filter
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  • Filter Air 60 Sponge Filter
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  • Filter Air 136 Sponge Filter
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Product Information

The Filter Air Sponge Filter is a simple system, that can be operated with either an air pump or water pump (sold separately), and is perfect for use with fry in breeding set ups. The weighted base means installation is very easy, and there is a hollow centre in the middle of the sponge to allow the addition of carbon if required (sold separately).

The sponge allows for the trapping of dirt particles within the aquarium, but also provides a great breeding ground for bacteria, ensuring your water quality is left at its' very best. The dual mechanical and biological filtration is a great combination, and chemical filtration can be included with the addition of carbon into the centre.

Available in three sizes, the Filter Air is a basic filtration system, and you just need to replace the sponges a few times a year, or as required more often in some systems. Find the replacement sponges here.

  • Filter Air 30 - 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 19cm
  • Filter Air 60 - 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 24cm
  • Filter Air 136 - 12cm x 12cm x 24cm

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    Date 18/03/2021 06:03am
    Aqua One Filter Air 60 Sponge Filter
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    This seems well made for the cost.