Aqua One Focus 23

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The Aqua One Focus comes in two sizes, the 23 or 36, and offers you a sleek and stylish modern designed aquarium, with internal filter and LED lighting all included.


  • Focus 23 Aquarium
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Product Information

The Focus 23 comes ready for coldwater or temperate species, but you could easily add a heater to make this suitable for tropical fish as well, a 25w heater would be suitable, which you can find here.

The Focus comes as a sharp edge glass aquarium, with a glass plate lid included, as well as bright and energy efficient LED lighting. The aquarium itself measures 30cm x 22cm x 41cm, and would be ideal used with the Inspire 40 Cabinet, which can be purchased separately, and is available in Oak or Grey Arizona Oak.

The internal filter is sits at the back, and the whole unit is easily accessible from the removable lid. This aquarium is also available in a larger 36l size, and is currently in Black finish, but will have white available too.

Key Features:

  • 23l Aquarium
  • LED lighting included
  • Internal Filter
  • Measures 30cm x 22cm x 41cm
  • Suitable for use with Inspire 40 Cabinet (sold separately)
  • Can be used with 25w heater (sold separately)

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