Aqua One LED Colour Changing Air Bubble Wall

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The Aqua One LED Air Bubble Curtain wall comes in two sizes, and provides you with a colour changing display to really wow in your aquarium.


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Product Information

This LED Air Bubble Wall comes in a choice of 25cm and 45cm, to suit your aquarium size, and is ideal for placing along the back of your aqauarium, to create a air wall display.

The LED lights within this are colour changing, featuring Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange and a multi colour as well. There is 3m airline hose included, so you can be sure that you can locate it perfectly, just use the suction cups to place this directly onto the aquarium itself, just push any gravel out the way to secure a good fit.

The LEDs continue to change colour, and run at an energy efficient 1.6w. It can be used in freshwater or marine systems, just add an air pump and you're ready to go! Find your ideal air pump with the Aqua One Air O2 Pod, ultra quiet and stylish too!

25cm Air Wall - recommended air pump flow 100lph+

45cm Air Wall - recommended air pump flow 200lph+

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