Aqua One LifeStyle 52

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  • Slimline 52l glass aquarium with an optional modern cabinet
  • Includes 2-year guarantee, energy-efficient LED lighting, and trickle filter
  • Suitable for coldwater or tropical fish species with heater added


  • LifeStyle 52 Aquarium
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  • LifeStyle 52 Black and Moon Grey Cabinet
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Product Information

What is the Aqua One Lifestyle 52 aquarium?

The Aqua One Lifestyle 52 is a stylish and slimline aquarium that comes with an optional modern cabinet featuring glass doors. With rounded tank corners for optimum viewing, it has a sleek, modern design and holds up to 52l of water. This fish tank is equipped with a trickle filter complete with media to keep the tank water clean. It also has energy-efficient LED lighting and a 2-year guarantee.

What are the features of this aquarium?

The Aqua One Lifestyle 52 aquarium is a stylish, versatile, and easy-to-use aquarium available in gloss black for novices to fishkeeping experts. It can be placed upon a space-saving aquarium cabinet that can hold all your fishkeeping accessories and aquarium equipment. The hood is equipped with a touch control LED lighting system that integrates both moonlight and all light functions to promote lush plant growth and enhance the natural colours of your fish. Within the tank itself, the Lifestyle 52 includes a built-in trickle filter containing both mechanical and biological media, ensuring maximum space for fish and not taken up by a bulky internal filter. A hinged lid makes maintenance easy and practical.

Is the Aqua One Lifestyle 52 suitable for tropical fish?

As it is, this fish tank is suitable for coldwater fish or temperate species. The set-up can, however, be made tropical fish-friendly by adding a heater, we recommend using a 100W heater.


Material Glass
Aquarium capacity 52l
Lighting LED
Filtration Trickle filter
Voltage 220-240V
Heating No
Suitable for Coldwater, tropical if heater is added


Product Aqua One Lifestyle 52 Aqua One Lifestyle 52 with cabinet
Colour Gloss black Black/moon grey
Matching cabinet No Yes
Dimensions W:51 x D:30 x H:43cm W:51 x D:30 x H:77cm

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