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Mopani wood is a African wood, often with a two tone colouring that looks great in your freshwater aquarium. Toxin free, it is safe for use in your fish tank and won't leach chemicals into your water.


  • Mopani Wood 30 - 40cm
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  • Mopani Wood 40 - 50cm
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  • Mopani Wood 50 - 60cm
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Product Information

Mopani Wood is ideal for use in a freshwater aquarium. Naturally sourced, Mopani is treated, dried and sandblasted, taking on the appearance of weathered driftwood. It creates a beautifully natural centre piece in any aquarium, and each piece is 100% natural, and therefore 100% unique.

Before use, it's advisable to soak the wood in a bucket of water for at least a week. This will remove any remaining tannins, which may taint the aquarium water. However if you find the water is coloured, use of a carbon media should remove any taints. Any taint that is left in the water is completely safe, and often sought after for some biotopes!

Approximate Sizes:

  • Large - 30cm - 40cm
  • Extra Large - 40cm - 50cm
  • Jumbo - 50cm - 60cm

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    Aqua One Mopani Wood 30 - 40cm
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