Aqua One Nano Preset Heater

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Aqua One Nano Preset Heater is ideal for nano aquariums, or for mixing salt water, such as in jerry cans, with its' compact design.


  • Nano Preset 25w Heater
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Product Information

The Aqua One Nano Preset Heater is a compact and sleek design that is only 25w, so perfect for smaller volumes of water, up to 25l.

At just 15cm in length, this is a nano heater than would not only be perfect for smaller aquariums, but also ideal for quarantine set ups, or salt water mixing containers, keeping the perfect temperature for a smaller volume of water.

Complete with LED indicator light that turns on when the unit is actively heating, so you can check when its working, this comes with a strong protective casing, and is designed to be fully submerged. It has a preset temperature of 26°C, which cannot be changed.

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