Aqua One NanoSkim 40

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The Aqua One NanoSkim 40 is the ideal compact protein skimmer for nano aquariums, giving you the ability to filter even small aquariums efficiently.


  • NanoSkim 40 Protein Skimmer
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Product Information

The NanoSkim 40 can be hung on the side or back of your aquarium easily, and is suitable for aquariums up to 30l, making them perfect for Nano marine systems. The design allows the skimmer to be used on small aquariums where no sump is present.

With a flow rate of 240lph this can efficiently clean your water, using only 4.4w of power, meaning it is super energy efficient as well. By removing organic waste from your aquarium it will reduce the bacteria build up and ensure water quality is stable.

  • For Aquariums up to 30L
  • Pump Included
  • Flow Rate 240 L/Hour
  • Power Consumtion 4.4 watts
  • Removes organic waste
  • 2 year Guarantee

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