Aqua One Ocellaris Canister External Filter

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Ocellaris Canister External Filters offer you exceptional quality external filtration, designed for a range of aquarium sizes, and perfect for their AquaSys range!


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Product Information

Ocellaris Canister Filters come in a stylish bright white colouring, quite different to any other external filters on the market. They have 3 sizes available to suit your aquarium size, and cover you from just 60l all the way up to 400l systems.

These are powerful yet extremely quiet pressurised filters, that boast an energy efficient performance with easy maintenance. Their bright and modern design means they really stand out, and their internal modular design is ideal for adapting the media you're using to suit your personal set up. Your initial media is all included, and you can find replacements from us here at Swell UK.

Ocellaris 400 is designed for aquariums between 60 - 100l, and runs at just 6.7w. It is capable of performing with a maximum head height of 1.5m, and has a flow rate of 400lph.

Ocellaris 850 is best for aquariums 100 - 250l, running at just 9.7w. This has a flow rate of 850lph, with a maximum head height of 1.5m.

Ocellaris 1400 is capable of filtering aquariums 250 - 400l, with a low wattage still of just 20.3w. It runs at 1400lph, and has the same head height of 1.5m

ProductAquarium SizeWattageMax. Head HeightMax. Flow RateDimensions
Ocellaris 40060 - 100l6.7w1.5m400lph
Ocellaris 850100 - 250l9.7w1.5m850lph
Ocellaris 1400250 - 400l20.3w1.5m1400lph

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