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Aqua One ReefSkim Protein Skimmer

Remove organic marine waste with ease

At a glance...
  • A high-quality protein skimmer for aquarium cleaning
  • Compact design featuring integrated skimmate drain
  • A range of models to suit all aquariums
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The ReefSkim Protein Skimmer comes in a choice of ReefSkim 300 and ReefSkim 600 models, designed to cover aquariums up 300l and 600l respectively. A protein skimmer removes organic waste from your marine aquarium, and the ReefSkim comes with a needle wheel impeller that can be simply and accurately adjusted to alter the output quickly and easily, ensuring the perfect flow and maximum efficiency. This ensures you have cleaner and clearer water, better for all aquarium inhabitants.

The ReefSkim can be used on any aquarium, but is the perfect size to fit within the Aqua One ReefSys sump. Its' small footprint leaves plenty of room for other sump equipment, and the integrated skimmate drain allows you to quickly drain waste directly into a separate container, for easy emptying.

The ReefSkim is an energy-efficient protein skimmer, with low power consumption, with easy and accurate flow adjustment capabilities.

Name Aquarium size Power Dimensions Flow rate
ReefSkim 300 Up to 300l 25W 18 x 15 x 37.5cm 800lph
ReefSkim 600 Up to 600l 30W 28 x 24 x 55cm 1400lph
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