Aqua One Replacement Wool Pad

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Replacement Wool Pads for the Aqua One Aquariums and filters.


  • Wool Pad 1W
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  • Wool Pad 2W
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  • Wool Pad 3W
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  • Wool Pad 4W
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  • Wool Pad 5W
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Product Information

Replacement Wool Pads for the Aqua One aquarium filters. Replace every 4 weeks as required, just remove the old one and slot in the new pad! These provide optimum mechanical filtration by trapping fine particles within the water, ensuring your water is crystal clear.

Wool Pad 1W - suitable for AquaStyle 126, 380, AquaMode 600

Wool Pad 2W - suitable for AquaStyle 510

Wool Pad 3W - suitable for AquaStyle 620, 620T, Aquamode 900

Wool Pad 4W - suitable for AquaStyle 850

Wool Pad 5W - suitable for AquaStyle 980

These are best used alongside the Aqua One Sponges and Aqua One Carbon for optimum filtration.

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