Aqua One Shipwreck

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The Aqua One Shipwreck adds a great aspect to the decoration within your aquarium, with a two piece that is great for larger aquariums.


  • Shipwreck Small (Two Piece)
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Product Information

An authentic Shipwreck that is available in two sizes to suit your aquarium space. This comes in two separate pieces, meaning you can spread it out or make it more compact together, whichever suits your tank.

Get the full look when surrounded by greenery, either live or silk, to get that eerie underwater look, these are suitable for all freshwater aquariums, tropical and coldwater, and safe for all inhabitants, fish, plants and invertebrates.

The Small Shipwreck measures at 25cm x 12.5cm x 7cm when both pieces are placed together, with the Large Shipwreck at a huge 70cm x 33cm x 23cm. They features nooks and crannies for small fish to investigate, and intricate detailing in the ships woodwork, adding to the authentic feel of these in your aquarium.

These are easy to clean and move around as needed, meaning you can rearrange your display as you like, this can just be placed onto your substrate, and has enough weight to stay in place.

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