Aqua One Sword Plant Green and White Silk

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Silk Plants are a great addition to aquariums, giving a naturalistic appearance and soft flow, all whilst being super easy to clean and rearrange as needed.


  • Sword Plant Green White 20cm
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  • Sword Plant Green White 30cm
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Product Information

Aqua One Sword Silk Plants add a natural view to your aquarium, whilst being easy to maintain and change around as needed, so you can revamp the look of your aquarium as much as you want. Available in two sizes, the Sword plant comes with realistic fade-resistant colourings, that are a natural green with white highlight, in a sharp pointed leaf that is great for providing extra coverage. These can be used alone, or along with plastic plants, or real live plants, to add another aspect to the look of your tank.

The Sword Silk Plant comes with a fake rock base, meaning it is easy to install and still looks natural. This can be buried within your gravel, and then easily taken out for cleaning or to move it around the tank, unlike real rooted plants. The Silk leaves are soft to the touch and due to their material and lightweight natural will flow naturally in a good water current, giving a mimic of reality to their movement.

Silk Plants are completely safe for all aquarium inhabitants, including invertebrates, and these are available in 20cm and 30cm height, so you can get the right size for you, or mix and match to add depth. Suitable for any aquarium system, either marine, tropical or coldwater, these can be cleaned with a small amount of water and a gently rub as needed.

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