Aqua One Tropical T8 Light Tube

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Aqua One Tropical T8 tubes come in a range of sizes to suit you, and is ideal for plant growth, helping to intensify colours.


  • Tropical 15w 18in T8
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  • Tropical 20w 23.5in T8
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  • Tropical 18w 24in T8
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  • Tropical 25w 30in T8
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  • Tropical 30w 36in T8
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Product Information

The Aqua One Tropical bulb is a T8 fitting, and comes available in 5 sizes to suit your aquarium size. These bulbs are designed as photosynthetic growing lamps, and help to promote lush plant growth within your aquarium.

These bulbs will help to intensify natural fish colouration, and are slso available in the same sizes as the Aqua One Sunlight T8 lamp, which can be used alongside this bulb for perfect lighting!


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