Aqua One Vibrance - Purple Mix Fern

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The Aqua One Purple Mix Fern is an extra large plant with a realistic fern appearance, with a great purple and green combination colouring.


  • Purple Mix Fern XL
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Product Information

The Aqua One Purple Mix Fern is approximately 40cm, and comes with a weighted rock pebble base to support itself and make putting it into your aquarium super easy.

This is a vibrant plant with natural green colouring, that leads to purple fern tips, with a thick and dense appearance. The bushy texture is ideal for small fry to hide within, and the plastic leaves are easy to clean, especially with a plastic planter cleaner.

This can be used alongside more plastic decor, or with a mixture of live plants or silk plants, giving a great depth and variety of texture to your aquarium.

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