Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone

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  • Worm cone feeder for live aquarium food
  • Built-in suction cup for easy setup
  • Small holes allow for a slow, constant feed


  • Worm Feeder Cone
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Product Information

Make feeding your aquarium quick and easy

What is an Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone?

The Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone is a small plastic worm feeder for aquariums of all sizes. With a built-in suction cup (sometimes called a sucker cup), it's easy to set up and simply needs to be filled with live worm feed. The worm feeder works with live worms like tubifex and bloodworms, which will slowly worm wriggle their way out through the small holes and then fall into your aquarium, providing a slow but constant source of food.

Why should I buy an Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone?

Feeding live food to aquarium fish can be difficult, you don't want to overwhelm them or give the food a chance to escape and hide but you also don't want to spend hours individually serving worms. The Aqua One worm cone feeder solves this as you can simply dump several worms into the feeder and then let them slowly escape through the holes and into your tank, delivering controlled feeding that gives your fish chance to catch their prey without the worm disappearing. It's also easy to set up and clean, making it the perfect device for any aquarium.

How do I set up an Aqua One Worm Feeder Cone?

Setting up the Aqua One feeder cone is very straightforward. You can remove the cone with each feed, top it up and then stick it to one of the walls of your aquarium using the built-in suction cup. Ideally, it's best to keep it away from a strong flow, such as from a filter, to avoid the feeder being pulled and becoming unstuck.


Material Plastic
Suction cups? Yes
Colour Clear

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