Aqua One Zikler Corner Rock

A natural Zikler rock corner piece for your marine or African Cichlid aquarium

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  • Hand-carved Zikler corner rock for marine or African Cichlid aquariums
  • Features swim-through holes to engage and stimulate fish
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all fish
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The Zikler Corner Rock can be used in any aquarium type, but is best for marine or high pH set ups due to the natural stone that is used, which will buffer the water. This makes it ideal for marine, or African Cichlids. If you do want to use this in a standard tropical tank, with a lower pH level, we would recommend regular water changes to stabilise the pH.

The Zikler Corner comes in two sizes, medium and large, and each piece is completely unique. Made from real sandstone rock, they have been hand carved into rock formations, and can be used alone or together to create a stunning rock feature. There are plenty of holes to allow fish to move in and out of it, and its' designed to fit perfectly into the corner of your aquarium.

As each piece is different, all dimensions are approximate. If you're looking for something else to add, Aqua One also have the standard Zikler Rocks, to add another level to your aquarium decoration.


  • Medium - 26cm x 32cm
  • Large - 33cm x 40cm
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