Aqua Source Aqua Balance Remedy Sphere

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Aqua Balance Remedy is an unique product, formulated with natural ingredients and designed to help your koi thrive. It is especially effective in accelerating the healing of ulcers, fin rot and fungal diseases and acclimatising new arrivals to your pond.


  • Aqua Balance Remedy Sphere
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Product Information

Aqua Balance Remedy contains a special blend of Japanese plant and herb extracts, spores, bacteria and a vitamin premix blend.

Water conditions and bacterial pressure are often overlooked when introducing new koi and Aqua Balance Remedy will help ensure your koi settle into their new home quickly and safely. Aqua Balance Remedy will also help restore the eco-balance in your pond after using chemicals, heavy rainfall or even overfeeding.

Add the entire contents of the tub directly into the pond after adding new koi, during illness, heavy rainfall, water quality issues or on the first and fourth day after adding chemicals (including Blanketweed treatments). You cannot overdose this product and it can be used whilst a UV Clarifier is still on.

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