Aqua Source GH and KH Buffer

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Aqua Source GH and KH Buffer will help balance the minerals and carbonate hardness of your pond, to stabilise water pH level and maintain a healthy environment for your fish.


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Product Information

KH is a measurement for the carbonate hardness in the water, this is critical for a stable pH. Filter bugs need carbonates to function efficiently but when KH is too low, the pH can fluctuate and even crash, causing serious problems with the fish. A KH around 5 is desirable for almost all pond fish.

GH is a measurement for the total quantity of dissolved minerals in the water. Fish need these for growth and general health. Ideally, GH should be between 8-12.

Acid rain can lower the pH and sunlight can deplete the GH. Aqua Source GH/KH Buffer will stabilise the water and maintain the balance in the pond, when used as recommended. 1kg will increase the KH by 2° and the GH by 4°, 1kg will treat 10,000 litres.

Directions: Mix the contents in a bucket of pond water and spread evenly into pond. Repeat dose as necessary.

Please note: This product will cloud the water for a few days.

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    Date 22/09/2020 17:09pm
    Aqua Source GH and KH Buffer 4kg
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    Would recommend swell to anyone Good products they have good items in the sales fast dellivery very good service arrives on time

    Thanks Ken.