Oase AquaActiv Phosless Direct

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Oase Phosless Direct gives immediate algae protection by binding excess phosphates. It is suitable for ponds up to 10m3 with or without fish


  • AquaActiv Phosless Direct 500ml
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Product Information

Oase Phosless binds together excess phosphates to reduce algae growth and hydrogen sulphides to reduce odours.

Even the healthiest ponds can fall prey to algae and stale odours, using Oase Phosless gives immediate results and a cleaner, healthier pond. It can be used directly on the pond surface, making it one of the most simple and convenient treatments.

It restricts phosphates to anaerobic zones such as pond silt where it can't grow and become an issue.

Directions for use:

500ml of Phosless treats up to 10,000 litres of pond water. Simply distribute the product evenly across the pond surface.

The 500ml container binds up to 20g of phosphates.

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