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Use Oase Phosless Filter Granulate Biotec 18 and 36 in your pond filter to quickly bind and reduce phosphates in your pond water before they can become fertiliser for unwanted algae in your tank.


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Product Information

The Oase Phosless Filter Granulate is a granular filter media is designed to provide protection against algae. It works by binding excess phosphates from the water and lowering the risk of algae formations.

The second cartridge binds heavy metals such as copper and lead and sulphide too, which ensures that the water in your pond is left beautifully clean and clear.

This pack of two cartridges is designed to use in the Biotec 18/36 Filters, simply place in a fast moving section of the filter.

Once bound the resulting phosphate can be used as a fertiliser additive to avoid waste. Oase recommend that the inserts are replaced every 6-8 weeks.

One pack contains 1 x Phosless (treats calcium, binds phosphates and heavy metals) and 1 x Phosless FS (binds iron, phosphate and sulphide) and will treat 10,000 litres of pond water.

Contains 2 cartridges.

Operating Instructions - Phosless Filter

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