Oase AquaActiv String Algae Control

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Get control over the infestation of string algae suffocating your pond using Oase String Algae Control - an effect way to treat blanket weed and other solid-form algae species, leaving you with clearer, healthier water.


  • AquaActiv String Algae Control 500ml
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Product Information

Oase String Algae Control is a very effective way of controlling blanket weed. It effectively controls string algae, blue-green algae and slime algae that grows in the majority of garden ponds and water features.

It breaks down algae via a 100% natural formula restoring the pond to its former glory. It also contains an oxygen stabiliser to boost essential oxygen levels in the water.

A handy measurement beaker is included with this product as part of the packaging and can be accessed be pressing the centre of the bottle. It's important to remove treated algae, as it will decompose and pollute the water, polluting the water and reducing oxygen levels.

Key Features:

  • New generation combination product.
  • Actively effective against string algae (blanket weed).
  • Optimal supplement: Oxygen Stabiliser.
  • Take care when using algaecide - always read the label and product information before use.
  • Do not use in wildlife ponds or in ornamental ponds when frogs/toads are spawning.
  • Read All Precautions before use see - HSE 8615 (PCS 95367).

How much should i use?

  • 1 Bottle (500 ml) treats 10,000 Litres (2200 gallons).
  • Add 50 ml per 1000 Litres (220 gallons) of pond water.
  • Treatment 2 should be added after 4-6 weeks if required.

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