AquaEl ASAP Filter Media Pack

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Replacement sponge media for the ASAP filters.


  • ASAP Sponge 500 Standard 2pcs
    code: 1947303 In Stock (Only 1 left!)
  • ASAP Sponge 700 Standard 2pcs
    code: 1947305 In Stock (Only 1 left!)
  • ASAP Sponge 300 Carbomax 2pcs
    code: 1947310 In Stock (Only 2 left!)
  • ASAP Sponge 500 Carbomax 2pcs
    code: 1947313 In Stock (Only 2 left!)
  • ASAP Sponge 300 Phosmax 2pcs
    code: 1947320 In Stock (Only 2 left!)

Product Information

Keep your ASAP filter running perfectly by replacing your media every 4 weeks. Available in two versions: standard which contains a dense sponge for mechanical and biological filtration and Carbomax which contains a sponge with the addition of activated carbon to eliminate water discolouration and removes toxins.

The Phosmax sponge is an efficient chemical filter sponge that absorbs phosphate from the water, thereby eliminating one of the main causes of the invasions of algae.

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