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The sleek and elegant design of the Aqua El Leddy fish tank needs a simple yet stylish stand to accompany it, available in both black and white from Swell UK.


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Product Information

Modern interior design is all about minimalism and the pursuit of simple forms that do not overwhelm the viewer' This trend has spread to fish keeping, too. The latest fashion is to set up open-top aquariums that create an impression of water suspended in the air. White aquariums are also in vogue thanks to their ability to brighten up the room by introducing additional light and a feeling of freshness.

The simple cabinets aquarium stands are suitable for small and medium-sized tanks with a rectangular front wall. The stands are available in black or white and in sizes of 60 and 75cm. Thanks to a very simple structure, they are lightweight and easy to assemble. Their minimalist design will perfectly fit in with a modern interior, be it an elegant living room or a children's room. All the models have passed endurance tests; in addition, they are considerably more water-resistant than regular furniture. The shelf at the base of the stand is ideal for keeping fish food and other aquarium accessories.

Compatible with Leddy 60cm

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