AquaEl Leddy Aquarium XL 40 DAY&NIGHT

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This Leddy Aquarium is truly a set for the future. It is modern and energy efficient with LED lighting.The LED lighting helps to enable your fish and plants to develop their natural colours. All at an affordable price!


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Product Information

The Leddy XL Set was created for enthusiasts who just want more. This remarkable aquarium is now taller and more spacious than the standard Leddy model giving you an increase of 40% volume whilst taking no extra floor space. The set includes an aquarium with a hood, filter, heater and our brand new Day & Night lighting. Again for those who just want more our DubLEDhanger allows you to add additional lighting to double the output. Leddy XL is now suitable even for the most advanced aquarists who wish to create a professional aquascape.

Featuring the 'SMART OPEN' lid opening system, which eliminates the need for hinges and supports and facilitates all kinds of maintenance works carried out inside the tank. In addition, at the back of the lid, there are special grooves for cutting openings for convenient installation of any type of canister or cascade filters. The lid is equipped with an exceptionally wide flap for unobstructed fish feeding.

The inbuilt Leddy tube sunny lighting module emits a strong light whose spectrum is similar to sunlight, so it faithfully renders the natural colours of plants and fish. The operating life of the light module is about 50 thousand hours, which means that it would need replacement once every 8-10 years.

Key Features:

  • A durable lid manufactured by injection moulding
  • Cover made of recycled materials
  • Advanced LED lighting with day and night technology
  • Energy saving lighting
  • A wide fish feeding flap
  • Fully equipped
  • A modern stylish appearance
  • Available in 2 sizes

Product Litres Lighting Filter Heater Dimensions Guarantee
Leddy XL 40 35L 7w LEDDY TUBE lighting ASAP 300 filter 25w heater 40 x 25 x 35cm 2 years

AquaEl Leddy fish tanks come with a 24 month guarantee which protects against any manufacturing faults for a repair or replacement.

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