AquaEl Opti Set 240 Aquarium & Cabinet

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The AquaEl Opti Set Aquarium and Cabinet blurs the boundaries between you and your aquarium inhabitants. With sleek design and perfect workmanship, complete with crystal clear Opti Glass and polished edges, this is an exceptional piece of furniture to bring into your home.


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Product Information

Available in a 240l Aquarium Set, the Opti Set comes in either Black or White satin finish, giving a complete and elegant look to your aquarium. It features stunningly clear Opti Glass to the front and sides, providing extraordinary transparency, along with its' well finished polished edges to provide a clear binder.

The LED lighting included is from the AquaEl Leddy bulbs, with Day and Night features, including a three stage lighting setting, with Day, Daybreak and Night lighting all available, whilst maintaining a low power consumption with the use of modern LED technology. The Leddy LED system means you can extended the included lighting by up to 9 more modules, so this can be completely customised to suit your inhabitants. There are two 17w LED tubes included to get you started, which are completely adjustable in their positioning, to ensure the perfect lighting for your needs.

The Opti Set feautres the AquaEl Smart Open System built into the cover, allowing you free and convenient access to the inside of the aquarium as needed, with no transverse reinforcement required. There is also handy openings in the rear of the cover to provide access for mounting hoses and cables.

The cabinet comes in a stylish satin finish, in either clear white or black, with a matching surround top and bottom trim on the aquarium itself, to ensure this really feels like one piece of beautiful furniture in your home. Is features two cabinet doors for simple storage and easy tidying away of your aquatic products, and there are adjustable feet within the cabinet, to ensure stability no matter what flooring you have.

This Opti Set is also available in a smaller 125l or 200l aquarium sizes, if you wanted something a little smaller. Why not add the perfect internal filter, with the AquaEl ASAP Filter 700, capable of filtering up to 250l, making it ideal for the Opti Set 240l. If you are thinking about having tropical fish, just add a 250w heater, such as the AquaEl Platinum heater, with a high-precision electronic thermostat.

Dimensions: 121cm x 41cm x 136cm

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