AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet - Black

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A stunning marine fish tank, this AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet is as plug-in-and-play as a saltwater fish tank can possibly be! With a striking design, it makes a focal point in any room, giving you the ability to display wonderful marine aquascapes in the comfort of your livingroom, like a window to your own personal coral reef!


  • Reef Master & Cabinet - Black
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Product Information

The Aqua El Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet is a fully quipped marine black tank and cabinet set that has everything you need to set up a beautiful marine set up. It boasts a whole range of features that meet Aqua El's high standards of quality and performance.

This combination set is designed with performance and eased of use in mind. It combines all of the necessary technology to grow and maintain a thriving reef aquarium including corals, all forms of invertebrates and of course fish.

It has a water treatment centre that is cleverly concealed at the rear of the tank. It has a biological trickling filter system that uses a series of Bio Filter baskets and a protein skimmer with a comb filter. The filter has dense combs that force debris and dirt from the water and help prevent fish from passing into the filter. The Bio Filter baskets contain Bio Balls that encourage bacterial colonies to form and provide natural filtration. To maintain simply empty the large waste container when needed.

As always with Aqua El products the hood multi tasks to perform numerous functions. A built in timer controls the 4 lighting tubes included. One LED moonlight and three T8 marine white lamps are easily set at times to suit you. Another controller in the hood controls an integrated cooling system, so that your tank is not over heated by the powerful lighting system.

A 100 watt heater makes sure the water is kept at the right temperature for exotic fish and other marine life. Easy to control with a dial that sits out of the water, and compact enough not to distract from the beauty of the tank.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 45 cm / 23.6" x 15.7" x 17.7" (L x D x H)
  • 105 litres / 23.1 gallons (including water treatment centre)
  • 3x 24 w T5 Marine white lamps and 1x LED moonlight blue for night lighting
  • Timer to control lights and cooling system.
  • AquaEL 100w aquarium heater
  • Back chamber filtration system
  • Smooth black design for an elegant finish
  • Cabinet included for storage and creates a great focal point.
  • 1 year guarantee

Here at Swell UK we have a broad range of essentials and accessories for your aquarium. Using rocks and substrates you can make your marine set up as individual as you are.

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    AquaEl Reef Master & Cabinet - Black
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