AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium & Cabinet - White

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The AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet is a fully equipped bow-front marine tank. It includes a water treatment centre with full marine filtration, which is cleverly concealed in a hidden section at the rear of the tank, this consists of a biological trickling filter with Bio Filter Baskets and an efficient protein skimmer with comb filter


  • Reef Master & Cabinet - White
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Product Information

The AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet is a fully equipped bow-front marine tank. In a sleek, cool, white this aquarium and cabinet combination creates a stunning feature in any living space.

The filtration system is concealed at the back of the tank so does not take the eye away from the beauty within. The bio filtration baskets are filled with Bio balls and the protein skimmer is equipped with an efficient regulation system, in the form of a control that allows you to increase or decrease the speed of foam generation. It is also equipped with a large container that requires emptying no more than once every few days.

Temperature in the hood is controlled by an integrated cooling fan system. A specially chosen glass screen further isolates the water surface from the direct heat of the lights. The lighting system comprises of three T5 tubes in marine white and one LED moonlight lamp, all of which can be controlled on a timer.

Of course, tropical fish require water to be at the correct temperature. The 100 watt heater included is easy to fit and control to maintain the climate. As with all Aqua El heaters it is compact and unobtrusive, yet offers a great performance you can rely on.

The AquaEl Reef Master Aquarium and Cabinet is designed with performance and ease of use in mind. It combines all the technology necessary to grow and maintain a healthy reef aquarium including corals, echinoderms, crustacea, molluscs etc. It is an ideal solution for beginners or experts alike.

At a glance:

  • Dimensions 60 x 40 x 45 cm / 23.6" x 15.7" x 17.7 (L x D x H)
  • 105 Litres / 23.1 gallons (including water treatment centre)
  • 3x 24w T5 Marine white lamps and an LED moonlight plus timer
  • Integral cooling system with controller
  • AquaEL 100w heater
  • Back chamber filtration system
  • Complete with matching cabinet
  • 1 year guarantee

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