AquaEl Shrimp Set Duo

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  • Modern 35 x 35 x 40cm aquarium for Shrimp and small fish
  • Features Leddy Slim Duo light, hang-on filter and automatic heater
  • For keeping crustaceans and small species of aquarium fish


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Product Information

What is the AquaEl Shrimp Duo Set?

The AquaEl Shrimp Duo set contains a modern cube-like tank fitted with transparent sealant with a 49l capacity and is fully equipped with cost-effective lighting and heating. It is the ideal fish tank for creating Shrimp tnaks and small planted aquariums, as well as keeping small fish.

Does the fish Shrimp Set Duo have a Smart Open System?

Yes, this stylish, glass fish tank has a Smart Open system for installing an external filter and a foam mat to ensure stability and safety when positioned on a cabinet.

Is this aquarium equipped with a filter, lighting and heating?

Yes, the AquaEl Shrimp Duo Set is complete with a Versamax filter, slim duo lighting and a Comfortzone Fix 50W heater. The Comfortzone Fix heater is maintenance-free. It's a fully automatic electronic heater that will maintain constant water temperature at 25°C. They will blend into any background thanks to their compact design.

The Versamax-3 filter is an external hang-on filter that does not take up space in the tank. Thanks to its high throughput capacity of up to 1200lph, the filter guarantees intensive filtration of aquarium water. The special phenol-free sponge is an excellent medium for the growth of good bacteria used to remove organic impurities from water.

The Leddy slim lighting unit contains two rows of 10W LEDs designed especially for freshwater aquariums. The sunny diodes emit light which, being similar to natural sunlight, does not distort the natural colours of the tank interior. While the plant diodes have been designed to suit the needs of aquatic plants and boost their growth. As the LED consumes very little power, this lamp means significant savings.


Model Shrimp Set Duo White Shrimp Set Duo Black
Aquarium capacity 49l 49l
Power 10W 10W
Flow rate 1200lph 800lph
Dimensions W:35 x D:35 x H:40cm W:35 x D:35 x H:40cm
Accuracy 0.5°C 0.5°C
Lighting LEDDY Slim Duo LEDDY Slim Duo
Filter Yes Yes
Heater Yes Yes
Glass thickness 4mm 4mm
Lumens 860 860
Colour temperature 6500/8000K 6500/8000K
Energy class A* A*
Country of origin Poland Poland
Complete set Yes, plug and enjoy Yes, plug and enjoy

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