AquaEl Winterhot Pond Heater

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Protect fish in the event of the pond being covered in ice, keeps an area free for oxygen replenishment and gas escape.


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Product Information

A classic pond heater for creating an artificial air-hole during the winter. The heater is equipped with a durable heating module made of metal. The heater can be used in ponds of any size. Use it to provides effective protection against a complete freezing of the pond water, even during severe frosts. The heating is maintenance-free. Pond heaters are highly recommended for the winter months as they provide gas exchange in ponds and protect inhabitants from suffocation.

Key Features:

  • versatile: can be used in any garden pond
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Maintenance-free: requires no user intervention
  • Solid construction built to last
ProductPond CapacityPowerDimensionsPower CordOverheat Protection
Pond HeaterAny size15024x24x40cm10mYes

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