Aquaforest Component A

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Strontium is utilised in the same manner as calcium and holds a similar importance in maintaining a vigorous level of growth in marine aquariums. Component A maintains the Strontium and Barium levels to give you complete piece of mind.


  • Component A - 200ml
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Product Information

Component designed for supplementing strontium and barium in marine aquarium. It should be applied at least once a week in a dosage of 10 drops for 10l of aquarium water or 10ml (one top) for 200l (54 US gal.) of water - with average coral planting.

US:19 drops for 5 US gal. of aquarium water or 10ml (one cap) for 54 US gal. of water.

Component A, Component B and Component C also could be part of Balling method: Daily dose Component ABC is 20ml/1L Balling method solution.

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