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Iodine is recommended for aquaria such as mushrooms, shrimp and soft corals to help them thrive. Flourine on the other hand is for the coral calcification process, it is included in the skeleton as sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride, low soluble and high binding strength molecules.


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Component designed for supplementing iodine and fluorine in marine aquarium. It should be applied at least once a week in a dosage of 10 drops for 10l of aquarium water or 10ml (one top) for 200l (54 US gal.) of water - with average coral planting.

Like Iron, Iodine is an element that precipitates out quickly so it needs to be added in small amounts on a regular basis. It's main biological activity like iron is to assist in the growth of plants and possibly sponges.

US: 19 drops for 5 US gal. of aquarium water or 10ml (one cap) for 54 US gal. of water.

Component A, Component B and Component C also could be part of Balling method: Daily dose Component ABC is 20ml/1L Balling method solution.

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