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Aquaforest KH Plus

Give your coral the carbonate hardness they need to thrive

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  • Helps maintain carbonate hardness in reef aquariums
  • A key factor in coral growth and skeleton development
  • Enough for a minimum of 10 treatments
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KH Plus was created for maintaining carbonate hardness and avoiding drops. Carbonate ions are necessary for healthy coral growth and building skeletons. Maintaining a stable pH level is possible in the presence of carbonate ions.

Please ensure your magnesium level is within the recommended range before attempting to raise or adjust your calcium and alkalinity levels.

Dosage: 10ml of KH Plus solution raises carbonate hardness by 0.25°dKH in 100l (27 US gal) of water. The maximum daily dose is 20ml for 100l (27 US gal) of water. Carbonate hardness in reef aquariums should be about 6.5°-8.0°dKH. Do not raise dKH more than 1.0 dKH per 24 hours.

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