Aquarium Systems A la Carte - Floating Feeding Ring

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Aquarian A La Carte - Floating Feeding Rings are available from Swell UK to help you keep fish-feeding time neat and tidy. Excess and uneaten food in your aquarium can be a problem, leading to extra ammonia and nitrates in your tank, but this feeding ring reduces this problem by localising feeding.


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Product Information

This helpful and innovative Floating Aquarium Feeding Ring from Aquarium Systems to restrict feeding to a single zone within the tank to prevent scattering and waste.

Simply add flakes or floating pellets into the centre of the ring to contain food to one area. This will stop food from being pulled in to the filter too, helping to keep the filter and tank cleaner for longer.

More than one ring can be used to add different types of food to tanks with different species of fish.

Lightweight and inobtrusive, this plastic feeding accessory will not mar the look of your aquarium.

We have a broad range of fish food here at Swell UK, all at great prices with fast, free, delivery options too!

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    Date 26/06/2015 08:06am
    Aquarium Systems Floating Feeding Ring
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    Date 18/01/2015 22:01pm
    Aquarium Systems Floating Feeding Ring
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    Brilliant idea. Keeps the typical filmy layer that comes from most fish foods to the one area so it's easy to clean. I thought my fish might be a little cautious of it at first, but they didn't seem at all bothered. Not sure I'd pay the full price for it however.