Aquarium Systems Maxi Jet Wave

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The Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet Wave Pumps help you keep your aquarium water moving, leading to a more equal water chemistry around your tank and preventing stagnation of the water.


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Product Information

Maxi-Jet Wave circulation pump is a great compact circulation pump with low power consumption. The pump is attached via a magnetic support which includes a vibration absorption system, enabling a precise setting of the flow. The Maxi-jet Wave re-creates natural reef or river currents inside your aquarium.

Full set up and maintenance instructions are included with the pump. The Maxi-Jet Wave comes with an energy saving motor, magnetic holder and a self-cleaning lubricated impellor.

Both the 1000 and 2000 pumps come with a 3 year warranty and can be used in Terrariums, salt water and fresh water aquariums.

Product information:

  • Energy Saving Motor
  • Self-cleaning lubricated impellor
  • Compact
  • Magnet holder
  • Rotation 360 degrees, fully adjustable

Maxi Jet Wave 1000 Pump L5cm x W6cm x H4.4cm 3w 1000lph 3 Years
Maxi Jet Wave 2000 Pump L5cm x W6cm x H4.4cm 3w 2000lph 3 Years

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