Aquarium Systems New Jet Multi Use Pump 1200lph-3500lph

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Aquarium Systems New Jet Multi Use Pumps are multi-purpose aquarium pumps which range from 1200 - 3500 in power and can be used for many different applications in both salt and fresh water tanks. Always popular and always available at the best prices here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

The New Jet Multi Use Pump can be used wet or dry. It is fully submersible for use in all types of aquarium and also for use in amphibian housing.

The rotor is fitted with a noise reduction device, which whilst keeping the volume down does not detract from the powerful performance of the pump. The ceramic brush and shaft of the rotor are durable and reliable.

The pump can be used externally or internally, allowing for greater variation of use. If used externally the front section is removed and the locknut and output tube used. The transition to external use is quick and simple, with full instructions and accessories included.

As with all New Jet Multi Use pumps, the motor is protected internally from overheating, meaning that the pump is maintenance free.

The flow rate is adjustable via a dial on the face of the pump, meaning that you can control the pump easily and quickly.

Additional hose tails and connectors are included.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use in salt, freshwater and amphibian aquariums.
  • Fully submersible, yet can also be used externally.
  • Powerful yet noiseless motor.
  • Built in motor protection.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Hose tails and connectors included.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 2 Years Guarantee.

Top Outlet DiameterWattageFlow RateMax Height
New Jet 1200lphH:104mm x D:104mm x W:73mm19mm17w250 -1200 min - max lph1.75m
New Jet 2400lphH:123mm x D:135mm x W:88mm23mm40w390 - 2400 min - max lph2.45m
New Jet 3500lphH:127mm x D:140mm x W:88mm23mm70w850 - 3500 min- max lph2.55m

We recommend using Eheim tubing with the New Jet Pump for optimum results.

For more information about this or any of our products, please contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700.

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    Date 04/11/2019 22:11pm
    Aquarium Systems New Jet 1200lph
    Feefo Logo
    Rather noisy, not the best for deep sumps as the deeper it goes the more it vibrates