Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave Nano

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Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave Nano will help you to recreate the natural and beneficial water motion of rivers and seas in your aquarium. All in a compact and energy saving pump!


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Product Information

Use Aquarium Systems NewJet Nano Pump to recreate the natural motion of water in your aquarium. Supplied with patented magnet-suction cup support for easy and safe positioning, the NewJet Nano can also be connected to a controller (Hydor controller recommended) and set to intervals of seconds, minutes or even hours.

NewJet Wave Nano 900900lph3.5W - 4.5W60 - 100L36 - 60L2 Years
NewJet Wave Nano 22002200lph3.5W - 4W140 - 250L90 - 140L2 Years

Key Features:

  • Circulator pump for freshwater and seawater aquarium
  • Magnet to fix to glass up to 15mm thick
  • Adjustable water flow rate
  • Dimension rĂ©duite
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Silent running
  • Low electricity consumption

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