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Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave Wavemaker 5000lph-9000lph

A brilliant choice of wavemaker and flow pump

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  • Continuous circulation pumps for all aquariums
  • Magnetic fixture for easy setup
  • A range of models available to suit all aquariums
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What are Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave wavemakers?

Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave wavemakers are a range of compact and energy-saving wavemakers for both freshwater and seawater aquariums. Each NewJet Wave wavemaker comes with a detailed user guide, cable protector, three flow vents (Vortex, Stream and Wide), the wavemaker, magnet suction cup support and external magnet. The kit gives you everything you need to get set up in minutes and enjoy easy and safe positioning without any tools or even taking the unit out of the tank.

What are the differences between the wavemakers in this range?

There are two wavemakers in the Aquarium Systems NewJet Wave range, the NewJet Wave 5000 and the NewJet Wave 9000, both are designed to generate beneficial water motion and have all the same great features. The NewJet Wave 5000 can create flows up to 5000lph while the NewJet Wave 9000 has a maximum output of 9000lph. We recommend checking your aquarium size in the table below to find the correct pump for your aquarium. 

How do you set up the NewJet Wave wavemakers?

Set up is a breeze with these powerheads. Simply wrap the cable protector around the power cable then pick whichever of the three flow vents you prefer and attach it to the front of the unit. Next, take the magnet suction cup support and attach it to the rear of the unit, the support can be attached in a wide range of ways to the seawater aquarium magnet to help you find the correct positioning that suits you. Finally, place the external magnet on the outside of your tank, and place the powerhead wherever you want. For more details, read the instructions provided. 



Brand Aquarium Systems


Product Max flow rate Power consumption Aquarium capacity (freshwater) Aquarium capacity (saltwater)
NewJet Wave 5000 5000lph 3.5-5.5W 300-600l 200-330l
NewJet Wave 9000 9000lph 6.5-8.5W 500-1000l 360-600l
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