Aquarium Systems SeaTest - KH Test Kit

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Aquarium Systems SeaTest - KH (Alkalinity) Test Kit measures the levels of bicarbonates / carbonates (KH) in your aquarium water. Bicarbonates have a stabilising effect on pH variations in water, therefore making this one of the most important tests for reef aquariums.


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Product Information

Use Aquarium Systems SeaTest - KH Test Kit to make sure you know when to regulate the alkalinity levels within your aquarium, if they are not maintained at the right amount this can cause stress to your fish and increase the chances of fish health problems. Fish waste and by-products, as well as other treatments can all affect the KH balance in your tank.

The recommended KH level is between 3 and 20°KH, depending on the type of aquarium and the animals kept.

  • For freshwater and seawater.
  • 1 drop = 1°KH.
  • Changes the colour from blue to yellow.
  • 2 x 10 ml to test 480°KH.

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