Aquarium Systems SeaTest - Phosphate Test Kit PO4

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Aquarium Systems SeaTest Phosphate (PO4) Test Kit allows you to measure the amount of phosphate in your aquarium. Low levels of phosphate are ideal to promote healthy plant growth, however, too much can lead to a build up of algae, so it is vital to keep an eye on your phosphate levels to keep algae under control.


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Product Information

Aquarium Systems SeaTest Phosphate (PO4) Test Kit allows you to easily and simply check the phosphate level in your aquarium. You should aim to keep the phosphate concentration as low as possible, however, higher concentrations are not in any way toxic for marine or freshwater fish - the danger lies only in the fact that the water gets over fertilised, which results in algae growth and possible harm to invertebrates.

  • For freshwater and seawater.
  • Maximum value recommended: 0.05mg/l in freshwater, ideally 0.0mg/l in a reef aquarium.
  • For approximately 40 tests.
  • Graduated 6-colour scale (0; 0.25; 0.5; 1; 2; 3mg/l).
  • For a result accurate down to 0.01 mgl, use the Aquarium Systems PO4 test in combination with SeaTest Control.

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