Aquarium Systems SeaTest - System Control

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A digital test kit, this Aquarium Systems SeaTest - System Control is as advanced as any on the market, allowing you access to a better and more complete knowledge of your aquarium water quality. Use it alongside their Sea Test range to get a better picture of your aquarium's chemical balance.


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Product Information

Aquarium Systems Sea Test System Control is designed to be used with their range of test kits.

This advanced system analyses results for you, without the need for colourmetric charts, and will also store results from 10 aquariums. These results can then be uploaded onto a PC, to create a range of parameter charts and graphs. This will build up a picture of the water quality and condition over a period of time.

How To Use:

Step 1: Use colorimetric test as usual.
Use desired reagent as described in reagent's instructions. Follow all steps and respect all times as if the reading was done without colorimeter.

Step 2: Set tank number.
Switch on device holding ON/OFF key until "AS" message is shown in the screen. Message "Tan" will appear, followed by a number. This will be the number of tank linked to the future measurements done with colorimeter. Number of tank can be changed using SELECT key. When desired tank is selected, press TEST key.

Step 3: Set reagent type.
First parameter name will appear on the screen. Pushing SELECT key will show all the different reagents available. When desired reagent is shown in the screen, the device is ready to take a measure.

Step 4: Set reagent type.
Introduce device inside the test tube until it touches the bottom part of test tube. Keep device vertical inside the test tube. Press TEST key and the liquid will be immediately analysed. The concentration of the desired parameter will be shown in the device's screen. No need to make any further operation.

After use, Aquarium Systems recommend that the unit is cleaned to avoid any risk of contamination. Use water from the aquarium to clean the device, and a paper towel to clean the external part of the unit.

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