Aquarium Systems T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 8w-19w

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Enhance your tropical fish tank without replacing your old T5 lighting system - just get this Aquarium Systems T5 LED Lamp. Plug into your existing lighting system, giving you great light output for less energy used!


  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 55cm - 8w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 85cm - 12w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 115cm - 18w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 438mm - 7w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 590mm - 9w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 742mm - 12w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 895mm - 14w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 1047mm - 18w
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  • T5 LED Original Tropical Pro 1200mm - 19w
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Product Information

The T5 LED Tropical Lamp is a new and exciting initiative from Aquarium Systems. The light strip has the added benefit of fitting easily into a standard T5 fluorescent lamp fitting, so no need to buy a new unit or hood.

Using a combination of blue, red and green LEDs, this LED light strip creates a warm light that picks out and highlights the red colours often found in a tropical tank. It also works to show off the other beautiful colours of an exotic aquarium. As the tubes can turn 300 degrees, you can angle the light to your preferred direction, and as they are glass free, there is no danger of smashing or cracking.

The colour temperature is high, this works to illuminate the colours but also to encourage the natural process of photosynthesis, for healthy plant growth. The light casts a ripple effect upon the water, which is often found in the ocean as light plays upon the water.

This Tropical Lamp also offers 5 times more light per kilowatt hour than other light sources, as well as using 1/3 of the electricity of other lamps. It has an A* energy rating which confirms you will save both money and energy.

This plastic lamp simply fits into a standard T5 tube fitting, meaning no need for new equipment.

LEDs at a glance:

  • Uses 1/3 electricity, producing double the light of equivalent fluorescent.
  • Add ripple effect. Even one T5 LED lamp will make a difference.
  • Lamp holder rotates to direct light correctly.
  • Must be used with an electronic controller.
  • Waterproof when used in conjunction with the IP67 Ultra Seal® lampholders.
  • 55cm-8w, 85cm-12w, 115cm-18w.
  • Ideal for Aquascaping.
  • Warm tropical colour.
  • Powerful penetrating lamp ideal for plant growth.
  • Accentuates reds and blues.
  • 2 Years Guarantee.

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