Aquarium Systems Unidose Maintenance for your Tank

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Aquarium Systems Unidose Maintenance for your Tank is a revolutionary new 30 day program which provides you with a step-by-step, day-by-day guide to maintaining your tank and keeping it in the best condition.


  • Maintenance Program Nano - Freshwater (Up to 75ltrs)
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  • Maintenance Program Nano - Marine (Up to 75ltrs)
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  • Maintenance Program - Freshwater (Up to 150ltrs)
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  • Maintenance Program - Marine (Up to 150ltrs)
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Product Information

Keeping a clean and healthy aquarium can be a challenge, but with the Maintain Your Tank Program a simple action every other day can be the first step. Overfeeding is commonly the reason for having to spend lots of time cleaning the filter, fighting algae build up and constantly unclogging filter pads.

Even with good maintenance and monthly water changes, sludge and waste remain in the aquarium in hard to reach and hard to see places, and are dissolved in the water. Maintain Your Tank, a 100% natural beneficial-bacteria based product, works to quickly find, break down and remove these wastes.

It also contains probiotic bacteria to help reduce the numbers of bad bacteria in your aquarium and to restore and maintain a clean, balanced, healthy aquarium. This 30 day program will guide you through the steps of making your aquarium biologically balanced.

Start the program with the first vial and then use the easy to follow guide to achieve fantastic results. This 30 day schedule comes with 15 vials and a full day-by-day guide of how to use them. The vials are easy to use, just shake to mix, tap the top, twist it off and pour into your tank. These are recyclable as well, and being 100% natural means that you cannot overdose, so even if your tank is smaller, you can use this very effectively.

Unidose Maintenance Program treats 100 - 150 litres.

Unidose Maintenance Program Nano treats 25 - 75 litres.

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