Adhesives help and advice

Secure aquatic buildings and aquarium backgrounds

At some point, every fishkeeper or aquarist needs to stick something down - whether it's aquarium scenery, backgrounds or hardware. Our range of specially formulated silicone and other adhesives from top brands like Aquaforest, Betta and Seachem has everything you need when it comes to aquarium adhesives.

What are adhesives?

Most glues and bonding agents are toxic to fish, plants and invertebrates or will underperform in water - taking much longer to stick or not sticking at all. Aquarium adhesives are specially formed to create quick bonds in water without producing any toxins that could be harmful to the inhabitants of your tank.

Why should I buy adhesives?

Adhesives allow you to keep all of your aquarium ornaments, backgrounds and hardware in place even when there is a flow being created by filter pumps, powerheads and wavemakers. As they are safe for all your tank inhabitants and easy to use, they are an essential accessory for most fishkeepers and aquarists.

What are the main types of adhesives?

We sell several different types of adhesives including silicone, reef glue and background adhesive. Silicone forms watertight seals around objects in your aquarium and is often used for aquarium hardware. Reef glue is formulated to promote the repair and growth of invertebrates like coral and is often used to fix injuries or damage they sustain. Background adhesive is designed to enhance the colour of the background while keeping it in place until you want to change the background, at which point you will be able to remove it with a firm pull.

What should I look for?

Once you know which adhesive you need it's really just a case of ensuring you have enough. Whatever you think you need, we recommend getting a slightly larger size so that you can apply more if necessary and have some leftover for the next time you need it.