Aquarium electrodes help and advice

Monitor changes in pH and kH

Used by advanced aquarists, aquarium electrodes are extremely sensitive pieces of equipment designed to detect subtle changes in the pH and kH of your water. These pieces of equipment are more like laboratory hardware and are normally only used for specific aquarium setups. Our range of aquarium electrodes features products from both Aqua Media and JBL.

What are aquarium electrodes?

Aquarium electrodes are sensors that detect changes in the electromagnetic makeup of the water within your tank. This means that they can accurately measure the pH and kH levels down to minute changes, allowing you to quickly alter the make-up of your water tank if you are caring for fish, plants or invertebrates that require extremely specific conditions to survive.

Why should I buy aquarium electrodes?

If you're planning to care for a particularly delicate aquatic species, aquarium electrodes are a fantastic way of ensuring that their conditions are just right. While normally unnecessary when caring for other species, aquarium electrodes will give you a constant view of the conditions within your tank, so they may be a useful alternative to chemical testing kits.

What are the main types of aquarium electrodes?

Aquarium electrodes either record pH, kH or both. pH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your water is and can be an important measurement for fishkeepers as many fish are only comfortable at a certain acid or alkaline level. kH is a measure of the number of carbonates in the water and can be a key factor in fish keeping as it determines how hard it is for the water to change in pH.

What should I look for?

When choosing aquarium electrodes, pick the set that does everything you need them to do. As these are specialist pieces of hardware, ensure they will completely meet your needs before making a purchase.